About Degreeless

Degreeless is a website for those who want to get ahead in their career without getting a degree.

Our story

Degreeless is a career-oriented website for individuals who want to advance in their professions without having a formal education in their field of interest. We believe that skills matter more than degrees, and in our guides, we will show you how you can thrive in your career path without a diploma and crippling student debt. We are here to offer advice, share experiences, and encourage all those who are degreeless to pursue their field of interest.

Our team

Sander Tamm

Sander Tamm

Founder @ Degreeless. I received a traditional degree in medical diagnostics, before immediately dropping that career, and starting my own business as a media owner. 

Five years later, my articles are read by more than 1 million people a year and my diploma continues to sit in a drawer gathering dust. I’ll be the first to admit that getting my degree was a waste of time and mental energy. 

Through this website, I hope to provide you with the unbiased information and resources you need to make a more informed decision about your education and future career.

Our research process

  • For job market data analysis, we rely on the LinkedIn job search engine as it has the best Boolean string searching capabilities, relevant search results, and a large database of job advertisements.
  • For filtering out no-degree jobs from degree-requiring jobs, we use Boolean search operators such as OR, AND, quotation marks. Keywords we use to identify degree-requiring jobs include “degree”, “bachelor”, “msc”, “PhD”, “ph.d”, “bs”, “b.s.”, “ba”, “b.a.”
  • Numbers in our articles are not updated in real-time, but to allow our readers to see the latest data possible we include working links to all search queries we use for data analysis.